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Therapeutic Massage

Life Wellness provides free consultations and customized treatments. We offer Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy & Stretching  to improve circulation. View all options


Acupuncture is a technique used to move and balance qi and blood flow in the body. In Chinese medicine it is said  blockage of Qi and Blood flow is the root of all disease. The acupuncturist utilizes sterile stainless steel needles to stimulate acupuncture points to improve the circulation of  Qi and Blood. The free flowing of Qi/blood helps to facilitate optimum health.

Ade Collman LAc LMT Ade focuses on muscular skeletal disease, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, knee and foot pain, and muscle pain. His specialty is releasing discomfort caused by injury or deep emotional blocks. He has been practicing the art of therapeutic massage for the past 20 years. He studied at the Swedish Institute School of Massage Therapy and Acupuncture and holds a Associate Degree in Massage Therapy and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture.

Ade views acupuncture & massage as powerful healing tools that facilitate a state of balance and relaxation that can empower individuals to lead their best lives.

Khadija  A. Tudor LMT A graduate of the Swedish Institute Health and Science College in NYC,  Khadija practices Therapeutic massage through an approach that focuses on relaxation as a tool for easing pain. Her understanding that an empowered life is one that is lived with the familiarity of touch guides her practice.

Professional experience ranges from spas to medical offices and a growing clientele of people recovering from injuries and dealing with chronic physical and emotional pain . Khadija brings an intuitive caring demeanor into every session that creates a place of trust and calm assurance where healing can begin.

Deep Tissue Massage is very focused work on muscles utilizing Shiatsu and Swedish traditions. Deeper pressure can be beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, many times releasing deep emotional tensions.

Swedish Massage is a meridian massage focusing on the 5 Elements – Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal. This method opens the flow and tonification of muscles.

Ideal for the overworked, overwhelmed and scattered, Restorative Massage applies gentle massage and stretching with MOXA to usher in a meditative state. Ideal for the overworked, overwhelmed and scattered, this massage realigns your mind, body and spirit to realign balance.

For those who are physically active or suffering tight muscles, this service utilizes more stretching than traditional massage. The Therapeutic Stretch loosens muscles for a more limber body.

Pre-Natal Massage relaxes muscles, eases soreness and improves circulation with specific stretches and massage techniques that help the mother-to-be.